Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta on Wednesday proposed 10 amendments in the Janlokpal Bill and said the Opposition would support the AAP government on the legislation if the changes were made.

Gupta said he would meet the chief minister to tell him about the need of adopting these amendments in order to make the Janlokpal Bill compliant to the Constitution.

“Section-3(c) of the Janlokpal Bill on the appointment of Janlokpal clearly makes the Lieutenant-Governor a puppet. It stipulates that the section committee shall regulate its own procedure for selecting the members of the Janlokpal. The recommendation of the selection committee shall be binding on the L-G who shall make the appointment concerned to the Janlokpal no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the recommendation. These violate the constitutional stipulation that the L-G is responsible for the governance of Delhi,” said Gupta.

For this, he had proposed that recommendation of the selection committee shall be sent to the President through the L-G who will take a final decision regarding the appointment.

“Section-15 of the Janlokpal Bill outlines powers to recommend transfer or suspension of public servant connected with allegation of corruption. The legislation cannot be enacted by Delhi Vidhan Sabha as it encroaches upon the exclusive prerogative of the central government. The bill in the present form covers central government officials, over whom Delhi government has no disciplinary jurisdiction,” he added.